Anonymous asked:

Yeeeeah maybe a one piece or at least a high wasted bottom to cover that gut/stretch marks

I Dont Wanna Ill, I Just Wanna Chill Answer:




lmao i feel like you’re trying really hard to insult me? 

you’re gonna have to try a little harder if you wanna bring me down cause guess what? i love my gut and stretch marks!

and why would i wear a one piece if i look cute af in a two piece???


I wish he/she would come off anon, oh God, please do!!!!


Paul Klee was born in Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland, on December 18, 1879. Klee participated in and was influenced by a range of artistic movements, including surrealism, cubism and expressionism. He taught art in Germany until 1933, when the National Socialists declared his work indecent. The Klee family fled to Switzerland, where Paul Klee died on June 29, 1940.

”A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller.”

― Paul Klee